Placerville Prospectors Bylaws & Playing Rules

Be sure to read these Bylaws and to fill out the Membership Application and the General Release of Liability to play in the Placerville Prospectors Senior softball League. We look forward to the 2024 season.

Amended by Board Action 04/19/23
Replaces 03/22/22 Document

It is the purpose of our membership to enjoy the pleasure of playing softball in our golden years. Winning shall be secondary to the enjoyment of the game. It is our desire to promote friendship among our fellow players.
Section 1.1 League Composition: The league currently consists of five or more teams. Games will be played on Tuesday mornings. Each team will consist of a minimum of twelve players.
Section 1.2 Team Composition: Team composition will be determined through an annual player draft. The league Commissioner will determine the exact process to be used each year with approval of the Board.
Section 1.3 New Members: Anybody desiring to become a member of the Club and who is fifty-five (55) or older, women fifty (50) or older, shall be eligible for membership. (Members under 55 who were active on a roster in 2012 shall be exempt) A member’s age is the age he will reach during the current year. All new members shall be required to fill out an application/liability form including a promise to abide by the Senior Softball USA code of ethics. This form shall be submitted to the Treasurer who will forward the application to the commissioner for filing. The Commissioner will assign a new member that joins after the annual draft to a team as soon as practical after he joins the Club. Primary consideration for new player assignment will be team balance within the league. The Commissioner may use temporary assignment(s) to permit skill evaluation, prior to making permanent assignment(s). Upon payment of required dues, the new member will be assigned to a team, and shall then be issued a team jersey, and cap.
Section 1.4 Membership Dues: Dues shall be established by the Board and ratified by a majority of members. Dues are paid to the Club Treasurer and made payable to the Placerville Prospectors. Current members must have paid their dues before the annual player draft or will not be eligible for the draft.
Section 1.5 Uniforms: The Club shall provide a team jersey and a cap. Replacement caps can be purchased by a member at the Club’s cost. Players shall wear the required team jersey and cap. At the end of the playing season, the member shall return his team jersey to the respective team manager. He may keep his cap. Section 1.6 Team Managers: The Board will select team managers from the available volunteers. Managers shall comply with requests from the Board to notify team members concerning Club activities. They shall notify the Commissioner of any canceled or rescheduled games and of all injured/inactive players on his team. The home team manager shall provide a scoreboard, softballs for the game, and shall inform the Commissioner of final scores. Each manager shall be responsible for the post-game beverages, he may appoint one or more helpers as deemed necessary to perform these duties.
Section 1.7 Liability of Members: No member shall be liable for debts, liabilities or any other obligation incurred by the Placerville Prospectors Senior Softball Club. Members are encouraged to carry their own medical and liability insurance. No inactive member who has had a life-threatening medical problem shall be allowed to resume play until a valid doctor’s release is presented to the Board of Directors. Members shall waive all rights and privileges to hold the Club liable for any reason. Such a waiver is incorporated on the Club’s application/liability form.
Section 1.8 Life Member: When a member reaches the age of seventy-five and has actively participated in the Club for the previous five years, he shall be granted a Life Membership with all the privileges of full membership without paying dues.
Section 1.9 Deaths: If a member or his spouse dies, the Club Treasurer shall purchase flowers at a cost not to exceed fifty dollars or to donate in a like amount to whatever charity the spouse may request.
Section 1.10 Discipline: Players and managers are expected to abide by the rules of the Placerville Prospectors Senior Softball Club and accept the decision of umpires in good sportsmanship. The club has adopted the SSUSA code of ethics (attached) for player conduct. No taunting or degrading of teammates, opponents or any abusive or profane language directed at officials or opponents shall be tolerated. Unruly, disruptive or un-sportsmanlike conduct or infraction of the Club’s Bylaws and Playing Rules can be a cause for disciplinary action. The Board may levy a fine, place on probation and/or suspend the involved individual(s) for up to four games. A suspension longer than four games or a dismissal must be recommended to the general membership for final vote and action. If a member is suspended, they are not to be on or near the field during the suspension.

Section 2.1 Board of Directors: There shall be seven members on the Board of Directors, a President, Commissioner, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Trustee, and Chief Umpire. The past President shall be a non-voting, ex-officio member of the Board and act in an advisory capacity.
Section 2.2 Elections: The Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the President and will select candidates for the next year’s Board of Directors. The nominations shall be presented at a general membership meeting in the fall, with the elections held at the same meeting. Nominations can also be made from the floor. Those elected shall take office on January 1st of the New Year. Board members shall serve a term of one year and shall be eligible for re-election for as many consecutive terms as voted in by the membership. Section 2.3 Duties of the Board:
1. The board shall study and recommend to the membership changes to the Club’s Bylaws and Playing Rules.
2. The Board shall fill any vacant position on the Board should one occur during the year.
3. The Board will select team managers from the available volunteers.
4. The Board shall approve of the Commissioner’s operating plans and schedule for the Season.
5. The Board will take any disciplinary action against a member that is deemed necessary.
6. The Board shall act when a player is habitually absent from Tuesday league play as determined by the team manager and recommended to the Board by the Commissioner.
7. The Board shall make recommendations to the membership when Club approval is required.
8. The Board shall oversee the notification of meetings and other Club activities to the members. Notification will normally be accomplished through the team managers and by e-mail.
9. The board is empowered to act for the Club and have administrative authority between membership meetings.
Section 2.4. Duties of Board Members:
The President shall:
a. Prepare the agendas and preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors and general membership meetings.
b. Manage the Club.
c. Appoint the Nominating Committee consisting of 3 members that can include any member or officer.
d. Appoint the following Club Chairmen and any others as deemed necessary.

Equipment Manager: a. Will be responsible for the procurement of all uniforms and equipment. b. He shall store and issue such items when appropriate. c. He shall maintain necessary records.
The Commissioner shall:a. Operate the league in coordination with the President as directed by the Board.b. Preside over the annual player draft process.c. Prepare and coordinate the league schedule. He will schedule one or more practice games, or equivalent, for each team and a 20-week regular league season.d. Keep a record of the win/loss statistics for the Tuesday league.e. Maintain an inactive player roster for members who are unable to play due to injury or personal reasons, but still wish to maintain their Club membership. f. Propose disciplinary actions to the Board and take immediate disciplinary action as deemed necessary to be reviewed by the Board later.
g. Assist teams that may be short of players in any given week.
h. Assign new members, who join the Club after the annual draft, to a team .
i. Keep the file of all current and prior member applications.
The Vice-President shall:
a. Perform all the duties of the President when the President is absent.

The Secretary shall:
a. Record the minutes of all Club meetings.
b. Serve as the custodian of all applicable Club records.
c. Keep Club historical information and paraphernalia.
The Treasurer shall:
a. Collect membership dues and render monthly and annual financial reports to the Board of Directors and the membership.
b. Deposit all monies collected in a bank selected by the membership.
c. Disburse funds for bills and other items.
d. Preserve all financial records.
e. Act as membership coordinator and provide Club documents to new members.

The Trustee shall:
a. Sign all necessary legal documents.

The Chief Umpire shall:
a. Coordinate providing volunteer umpires and their training.
b. Bring rules issues and proposals to the Board.
c. Help Team Managers and Umpires resolve rules disputes.

Section 3.1 Board of Directors: Will meet as often as needed.

Section 3.2 General Membership meetings: Shall be held as often as required by the Board of Directors or the President. Ten or more members may call for a general membership meeting to be scheduled. During the season, the President may call a Tuesday post-game membership meeting.
Section 3.3 Conduct of Meetings: Shall be done in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order.

Section 4.1. The Placerville Prospectors Senior Softball Club shall provide the following:
1. After-game beverages (non-alcoholic) during the regular playing season. Funds to purchase these beverages shall be paid to the managers at the beginning of the season for each team, in an amount approved by the Board
2. An annual B.B.Q. or luncheon after the Club Playoffs
3. Coffee and donuts at general membership meetings
Section 4.2. Christmas Party:
The Club will help plan and coordinate a Christmas party for participating members.

Removed by Membership action 3-22-22

A. Tuesday league play will begin in the spring and be completed in late summer (Specific dates to be determined be determined by the Commissioner and approved by the Board of Directors). Starting times will be determined by the schedule. Teams must be ready to play ball at the scheduled start times. Two games will be played, with a break between the games to be determined by the scheduled start times of the next game. Games will be seven (7) innings. If the visiting team is leading by 12 runs or more at the start of the 7th inning the "FLIP/FLOP" rule will be used. Games tied at the end of the 7th inning will be recorded as a tie. After the 1st inning no infield practice shall be allowed. Everyone needs to help move the game along and be ready to begin play ASAP.
A playoff, including all teams, will be scheduled at the end of the regular season on the customary BBQ/Picnic Day. Final league standings will determine the playoff games schedule, with ties in the final standings broken by head-to-head competition and then if still tied by a coin flip by the commissioner. The last scheduled games of the regular season may be revised to determine positioning for the playoffs if needed.
All playoff games will be 7 innings, for all games except the Championship game there will be a “Mercy” rule of 12 runs after the 5th inning. The higher seeded team will be the Home Team in all rounds. Games will begin @ 8:30am. Ties will be decided by the SSUSA Tie Breaker Rule.
The losing teams from the Round 1 Games will be responsible for the BBQ/Picnic set up. The PPSS Club will provide all of the food, drink and supplies needed.
A commemorative shirt with the club logo will be provided to each member of the play-off championship team. Also, to each team member of the team that has the best overall won/lost record for the regular season. Ties will be decided by best won/lost percentage….then best head-to-head record……then coin flip.
Section 6.1 Team Playoffs:
5 Team:
Round 1 Games: The 4th & 5th place teams will play on the “upper" field, Game @ 8:30 a.m.
Round 2 Games: The winner of the Round 1 game plays the 1st place team on the "lower" field.
The 2nd & 3rd place teams play on the "upper" field. Games @ 9:45 a.m.
Championship Game: The winner of the Round 2 Games will play on the "lower " field. Game @ 11:00 a.m.6 Team:
Round 1 Games: The 4th & 5th place teams will play on the “upper field” while the 3rd & 6th place teams will play on the “lower field.” Games @ 8:30.a.m.
Round 2 Games: The winner of the game on the “upper field” will play the team that was 1st in League play on the “upper field.” The winner of the game on the “lower field” will play the team that was 2nd in League play on the “lower field.” Games @ 9:45 a.m.
Championship Game: The winners of the “Round 2 Games” will play on the "lower field." Game @ 11:00 a.m.
7 Team:
Round 1 Games: The 6th & 7th place teams will play on the "lower field" Game @ 8:00 a.m.
Round 2 Games: The 4th & 5th place teams will play on the "lower field". The winner of the 6th and 7th place game will play the 3rd place team on the "upper field”. Games @ 9:15 a.m.
Round 3 Games: The winner of the Round 2 game on the upper field wit will play the 2nd place team on the "upper field." The winner of the game on the lower field will play the 1st place team on the "lower field" Games @10:30 a.m.
Championship Game: The winners of the Round 3 Games will play on the lower field. Game @ 11:45 a.m.
B. The softballs for Tuesday league play shall be 12" in circumference, have a COR of .44 and no more than 375 PSI. Approved bats are bats marked 1.21 bpf (or less) or have an ASA stamp. The rating should be clearly visible on the bat, or it must be obvious that the bat is of the age or make that it is not “high tech”.
C. The Parks & Recreation Dept. wide mat shall be used at home plate; the strike zone shall include the entire mat and home plate. Seventy-foot base distance shall be used for all games and the pitching rubber shall be 50 feet from the front edge of home plate. The pitcher may begin his motion anywhere within an area the width of the rubber and ten feet back from the rubber.
D. No batter’s or catcher’s box will be used. However, a batter unduly running up on a pitch and contacting the ball with his front foot three or more feet in front of home plate may be called out be the umpire. A batter who steps on any part of the mat or the white home plate while striking the ball is out.
E. An orange base shall be in foul territory adjacent to the standard white first base and shall be used in all games. A defensive player attempting to make a put out at first base cannot use the orange base. The batter/runner may touch only the orange base on his first attempt. However, the batter/runner may touch the white base on his first attempt, if he is attempting to avoid a collision with the defensive player (in the umpire’s judgment only) or attempting to continue toward second base. Any batted ball striking the orange base shall be considered a foul ball.
F. Players are not permitted to over-run 2nd and 3rd base without being in jeopardy of being tagged out. A player has the option of sliding. This option is included primarily so a player can avoid a collision.
In order to avoid collisions at home, there shall be a second home plate/mat for runners to touch to the right of the primary home plate, placed half-way between the primary home plate and the backstop. Runners will be called out if they touch any part of the strike mat or the primary home plate unless they do so to avoid a collision with a defensive player (umpire’s judgment). The defender (catcher) must be in contact with any part of the primary home plate or strike mat, with the ball, to register an out.
G. Runner on first base (for a left-handed batter) or third base (for a right-handed batter) are allowed move away from the batter, but no closer to second base or home plate. The runners must re-touch their base before moving toward second or home on a fly out. Re-touching is not required on any other ball that is put into play.
H. The teams that are not playing are expected to provide at least one umpire for each field. If only one umpire is available, he should make all calls except those at 1st and 3rd. The 1st and 3rd base coaches should ordinarily make those calls, but the plate umpire may choose to override those calls, when warranted. The Chief Umpire will provide basic umpire training as needed or when requested.
I. A team must have at least eight playing members of their roster at game time and must continue to have eight through the game or the game will be declared a forfeit. Fill in players will be allowed under these rules:
a. When we have a bye team: If fill-in players from the bye team are needed, the manager of the short-handed team must ask for help from the Commissioner prior to game day. The manager will identify the missing/injured roster players and the number of fill-ins desired. The Commissioner will make a good faith effort to satisfy the manager’s request with bye team players with skills like the missing/injured players. If players are not available from the bye team or because of last minute needs for players, then (b.) rule may be used.
b. When we do not have a bye team: If fill-in player(s) from the non-playing teams are needed, the manager of the short-handed team may ask a player from a nonplaying team to play for his team. That player must bat last in the lineup and only be allowed a single. In the field they must play right or right center field or may pitch. The manager that is asking for the additional players must inform the opposing manager and the umpires of his intentions. Under this scenario the team that is short players can only build to 10 players.

If we have a league “waiting list” (as defined by the Commissioner) the commissioner may add a player to a shorthanded team as a temporary player. This player will be considered as a roster player for that team. The commissioner may fill shorthanded teams from the “waiting list” as they see fit, with league balance as the main consideration.
J. Each team will play with eleven (11) defensive players on the field. If one team has less than (11) players available, they will play with the number available from their roster plus any substitutes, up to eleven (11) players if players are added under Section I (a). If Section I (b) is used to add players, then the short team can only build to10 players.
K. Players must play in the field a minimum of three innings per game, or one full game o f a double header, unless specifically requested by the player. When a player makes such a request, that player’s manager MUST notify the opposing manager of the request. All players shall be placed into the batting order and take their turn at bat. Late arrivals to a game must be added to the bottom of the batting order. If a player is injured, becomes ill, or must leave during the game and cannot continue, no penalty will be incurred, unless the number of players from the team's roster becomes less than eight. (8) The team that is losing a player must notify the other team manager of the change.
L. Each player is normally expected to run the bases for themselves. However, players with temporary injuries or more permanent infirmities may request a courtesy runner after they reach a base safely. The Team Manager is the only person who can insert a courtesy runner.
All batters must reach first base on their own, either by a walk or a hit. No batter shall be thrown out at first base from the outfield. Defined as the Left Fielder, the Left Center Fielder the Right Center Fielder or the Right Fielder, or the Rover if they begin the play (at the time of the pitch) on the grass area of the playing field. Maximum of 6 infielders plus the catcher, may be on the dirt. However, runners may be forced out at 2nd or 3rd base.
Individuals who act as a courtesy runner may only do so once per inning. Anyone acting as a courtesy runner, who is still on base when his turn at bat arrives, shall be called out at the plate, but may remain on base as the courtesy runner, and the next batter in the order will then bat.
M. A team may score a maximum of five runs in any inning except for the last (open) inning.
N. A limit of one home run per team is allowed before the 1-up system applies. (i.e., A team may only hit one home run more than the other team and must wait to hit more until the opposing team hits a home run, or until the next game.) The home team may go one-up in home runs in the bottom of the open inning. Additional home runs more than the 1-up rule count as singles, and all base runners shall advance only one base if they are forced. Home Run defined as any fair ball hit over the fence. We use the "Hit & Sit Rule" meaning the batter who hits the ball over the fence does not need to touch first base nor do the runners on base need to touch the next base.
O. All foul balls on third strikes are outs.
P. A foul tip is defined as a ball not higher than the batters head and is not an out unless it is the third strike.
Q. Smoking is only allowed in the Parking lot area, per Placerville City Ordnance.
R. If in the umpire’s judgment, any fielder or base runner sustains an injury that requires immediate attention, the umpire shall immediately stop play. After the injured player has been attended to and before play is resumed, the umpire shall award the base runner(s) any base(s) that in his judgment would have been reached had play not been stopped.
S. All players shall notify their manager when they are unable to attend a game. Failure to do so may result in discipline by the team manager with the Commissioner’s consent. The manager shall notify the Commissioner when a player has three unaccounted absences in a row. The Commissioner will attempt to discover the reason and the Board of Directors will take such actions as are necessary.
T. All judgment calls by the umpire(s) are final. When a call is made, based upon a softball rule and that interpretation disagrees, only the team manager can ask for a conference with the umpire(s). All other players shall stay out of the conference unless invited in by the conferees. Umpires have the authority to eject any player from the game for unruly, disruptive or any other un-sportsman like conduct. Any person ejected from the game or required to leave the field will be reported to the Commissioner for possible further disciplinary action.
U. The use of a safety mask is required of Pitchers with or without use the Pitching Screen. We recommend the use of shin-guards and body protectors if the Pitching Screen is NOT being used. Any batted ball hitting the Pitching Screen will be treated as a foul, unless it is the 3rd strike, then it will be declared a “dead Ball” not an OUT!
Pitchers using the Pitching Screen must get themselves completely behind the screen after they pitch the ball. Failure to do so will result with the pitch being called “illegal” by the umpire and will result with a “ball” being called unless the batter swings at the pitch. After the pitcher is completely behind the screen they may come out from behind the screen and field the hit ball.
V. All playing rules not covered by the Placerville Prospector Senior Softball Club rules, shall default to Senior Softball USA and ASA softball game rules with Senior Softball USA rules having priority.

These Bylaws and Playing Rules may be amended or revised by a majority vote of those present at the meeting a membership meeting. That meeting must have a quorum of at least 40% of the members present of the current membership and the President must place any proposed change s on the agenda in advance of the meeting.Senior Softball USA--- CODE OF ETHICS
As a participant in Placerville Prospectors Senior Men’s Softball Club, I agree to conduct myself as a gentleman both on and off the field, and that when playing, I will:
• Abide by the current Club By-Laws/ Rules to the best of my ability.
• Accept the decision of the umpires and my team manager in good sportsmanship.
• Never taunt nor degrade my teammates or opponents.
• Avoid bodily contact that may cause injury to others or myself.
• Never direct abusive or profane language at teammates, officials, or opponents.
• Exercise control over my family and friends to the extent of Bullet Point 3 and 5 above.
• Never commit any act that could be considered unsportsmanlike conduct.
Chalking Requirements (Home Team)
• Fair/Foul Lines: Down the 1st and 3rd base lines, both whites’ bases are in fair territory, connect with the foul lines in the grass.
• Pitching Box Line: From the pitcher’s rubber (each side) a line straight back approximately 10 feet.
• Commit line: Approximately 20 feet from home plate, between 3rd base and home plate. To be 8 to 10 feet long towards the dugout fences.
• Scoring line: From home plate, 3rd base side towards the back stop. To be approximately 12 to 15 feet long.
• Home Plate Running Reminder line: A diagonal line from where the commit line and foul line intersect to the scoring line, approximately 6 to 8 feet off home plate.

Come out and play!